Ryan Ansin

Co-Founder - Revolutionary Farms

Ryan Ansin is an entrepreneur, early-stage investor, and philanthropist focused on using the combination to generate returns and positive impact for those in the targeted communities wherein he works.

Today, Ansin splits his time between multiple entities. As an investor and advisor, Ansin has built a portfolio of industry-changing start-ups and growth stage companies in the tech, health tech, ethical fashion, and real estate. Ansin currently spends most his time leveraging abandoned mill buildings in Massachusetts to aid in the fast-expansion of the medicinal marijuana industry while revitalizing strained, post-industrial era cities across the state. He has invested in both the cultivation and dispensary networks, as well as the advanced technologies to bring the outdated cannabis cultivation practices into the 21st century.

As President of Family Office Association, a private membership group of 300 families of extraordinary wealth, Ansin guides US-based Single Family Offices to more strategically allocate their investment and philanthropic capital to work holistically across strategies.

Ansin founded EPHAS (Every Person Has a Story) in 2009. At the time, EPHAS was the most expansive international photojournalism program 501c3 with thirty-two in-country partners throughout thirteen countries utilizing newly accessible digital technologies to share up-to-date realities from previously underexposed area of the world. Ansin then went on to start a fully transparent diamond mining operation in Sierra Leone, Clarity Project, which evolved further into a lab-grown diamond brand.

Ansin is Curator for the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, member of Nexus, and Summit, is a committed supporter of: ALCU, Orphan Starfish Foundation, Ashoka, Creative Visions Foundation, and Root Capital. Ansin meditates often, writes fiction, plays squash, only relaxes when SCUBA diving, and dreams of conquering kite surfing and HALO diving.