Derrell Black

Chapter President - M4MM -Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Derrell Black is the Chapter President of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Inc. (“M4MM”), a nonprofit organization that represents the interests of historically marginalized groups in the Hemp and Marijuana industries.

Derrell has an astounding work ethic. He has been working since he was 15 years old. He has over 15 years of customer service experience and over 10 years of management experience. In addition, his charismatic personality coupled with his professional experience have imbued him with impeccable people skills. 

Growing up in Boston, Derrell was able to directly witness the devastating effects that the cruel crusade on cannabis produced in his community. Knowing that he could not stand idly by and watch the emerging industry thrust the interests of blacks and minorities into the shadows of obscurity, he took action and launched his first business, Black’s Canna Consulting. The company’s mission is to help those who were most harmed by the war on drugs navigate the emerging legal marijuana landscape.

Derrell is passionate about educating Black people and minorities on cannabis and does so by developing advocacy, education, and marketing campaigns to promote awareness, information, and education about the efficacy of cannabis and the viability of hemp. Derrell is committed to raising youth awareness and continuing to develop an equitable cannabis industry.

Derrell has been a part of M4MM since October 2018.  Since then, he has been expanding the organization and leaving his imprint in Massachusetts at a rapid pace. He is a champion for community collaborations and has partnered with Kush Groove smoke shop on their community outreach efforts in Roxbury. In addition, Derrell created Let’s Talk Weed Outreach Meetings, with the first meeting covering economic empowerment opportunities, Massachusetts marijuana laws and regulations, and social equity. Continuing his legacy of community partnerships, Derrell partnered with the co-founder of Two Buds, Grover Daniels, to host the second, third and fourth Let’s Talk Weed Meetings. These meetings respectively discussed business valuations and taxation and fees and Host Community Agreements. 

Due to his immense knowledge and experience in the industry, Derrell has become a regular speaker at cannabis industry events. Derrell has spoken at the New England Real Estate Journal Cannabis in CRE 2019 and NECANN Springfield 2019. As a result of Derrell speaking at NECANN Springfield, he was featured in the Middletown Press published by Ken Dixon. In addition, he was able to cultivate an amazing relationship with Elevate NorthEast while attending their Cultivation Seminar, and, as a result, he has made M4MM a community leader in all of Elevate’s Community Conversation Series.

In November 2019, M4MM partnered with MCR Labs and MRCC to host a career fair in the disproportionately impacted community of Roxbury. In December he finished the year with a visit to MJBIZCON Las Vegas where M4MM won nonprofit organization of the year for two consecutive years

He was the Assistant General Manager at the first Black Owned dispensary in Boston; Pure Oasis. Now he is the Manager of Blackstone Valley Cannabis in Uxbridge, Ma. Derrell is on the Advisory board of the nonprofit organization Cannabis Center of Excellence.

Derrell Black has been honored as one of the 65 outstanding Black and Hispanic Men leading in cannabis, a write up published by Dasheeda Dawson, CEO of The Weedhead Co. and has been featured on Yahoo Finance.