Briana Aguilar

Solution Consultant & Project Director - ARCA

Briana Aguilar is a Solutions Consultant at ARCA that works with CEO's, executives, directors, cash room controllers at Financial Institutions and Retailers in North America. By helping them implement efficient and secure solutions to meet their cash operation needs. In the last 10 years, Briana has worked in the banking, software, and financial technologies industry.

Her focus is to understand the organization's current cash operations and develop a strategic plan to help streamline their cash operations by providing an ARCA cash solution that makes the process easy and efficient at both the store and accounting/operations level. Briana works with each organization by assisting with policy and procedure changes, providing an ROI analysis when needed, and training. Briana has evaluated the impact of cash automation at hundreds of banks, credit units, and retailers.

Briana is based out of North Carolina and an HBCU Graduate from North Carolina Central University. Her goal is to help eliminate pain points within an organization's operations by implementing the most efficient processes available.