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in celebration of our legal right to consume cannabis, together.

 the Massachusetts Cannabis Networking Club and the #1milliontees campaign are fundraising to combat issues plaguing the cannabis community. Those advertising on The calendar pledge to donate 1% of their net proceeds to #1milliontees.   

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cannabis community events calendar

Calling out to artists for works of art made with, by, or about cannabis.


Why a calendar for the month of april?

420 has been code for cannabis since who knows when, hence users have gathered on the 20th of April year after year to celebrate the sacred plant.


Boston's public calendar is not allowing event submissions during this celebratory weekend (4/18, 4/19, & 4/20). Therefore, we have created a community calendar to support those bringing people together around this holiday and for the whole month of April as there will never be a 4/20/2020 again.


The calendar will be cross-promoted by The Massachusetts Cannabis Networking Club (MCNC), its partners and sponsors, and those whose events have been submitted for review and approved by MCNC to live on the calendar.  

thank you to our sponsors!

420 community unity festival

Camp timber trails, tolland, MA 




in unity and love we celebrate what cannabis and hemp have done for humanity. 

join in gratitude for the legalization of a plant brought to us by mother earth. 

We've come so far and we've got much further to go.  The only way forward is together. 


Led by non-profit, Massachusetts Cannabis Networking Club, #1milliontees campaign is raising funds for small local businesses in or ancillary to the cannabis industry, and those applying for licenses to cultivate, manufacture, or retail cannabis with social equity and economic empowerment status, granted by the state of Massachuessetts

After 3 years of legalization, the market does not reflect the votership in Massachusetts. As a part of #1milliontees campaign, we plan to sell 1 million hemp t-shirts to drive awareness while we raise money to support local efforts.


the campaign behind the calendar 

Note: You can NOT smoke or get high from hemp t-shirts 

Where do the funds go?


Record expungement

Veterans in need of medical cannabis

Education and resources for veterans, elders, and the disabled

Applicants completing the state and municipal application

Small startups with a community-driven focus

5% to each non-profit involved

How to help?

Join the "Feet To Streets" Team

18+ voter registration

Promote the calendar 

Buy a hemp tee

Update your social media profile pictures with the 420 Logo:

Make the pledge: 

*Read the underlined words & replace the highlighted words

Hi, My name is Jacinth Cooke Daniels, I am the founder of the 1MillionTees Campaign.


Our Cannabis Community needs your help.


"I pledge to help sell 1 Million Hemp Tees by 420twenty20."

I make a personal pledge to "bring awareness to the Marijuana challenges in Massachusetts and to help sell 1 Million Hemp Tees in an effort to unite the cannabis community and share this beautiful plant with the world."

I nominate my wife Leah Cooke Daniels, Julie Mejia, Faye Morgan and my mom to take the pledge.

Who will you nominate to support the 1MillionTees Campaign?





Did you know?

Cannafacts by Rick Naya

MCNC Presents #1milliontees Campaign

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